August 21 - Scavenger Hunt

The new incoming class of graduate students embarked on our first annual AAPS Scavenger Hunt. Team building, getting to know the Pharm Fam and discovering some cool places in Lexington. They had a blast!

Congrats to the winners: Sidnee, Reagan and Amanda (price: awesome UK beanies! and AAPS T-Shirts).

Also congrats to the second place team: Changwe, Johnathan, Kori and Heather (price: awesome AAPS water bottles).


August 21 - WElcome Picnic

Today was our Annual Welcome Picnic at Woodland Park. Welcome to the College to the new students and welcome back to everyone else!

Thank you to everyone who brought a dish! And Thank you to Catina for all her help preparing this event!


August 12 - Welcome Lunch

The UKY AAPS Student Chapter is welcoming the new incoming class of PhD students at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy . Enjoy your lab coats and your time with us! Welcome to the PharmFam!


July 23 - Qualifying exam panel

Every year, AAPS organizes the Qualifying Exam Panel. Dr. Feola presented on the ins and outs of the exam. Afterwards a panel of PhD Candidates answered the students’ questions. Thank you to all participants!


April 20 - Expanding your horizons

Some of our female officers represented us at Expanding Your Horizons today. EYH is a national community of volunteers with the goal of enable girls to recognize their potential and pursue opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Every year, the UK group organizes a hands on workshop for girls in Middle School. Elephant Toothpaste was a hit!


March 22 - Slice of science

Today, Ryan Wheeler presented his work on Activity and Interactions of MtmW.


February 23 - Engineering Day

Engineers Day, or E-Day, is a celebration of everything engineering has to offer. We were there to represent Pharmaceutical Engineering. We demonstrated flash freezing with liquid nitrogen. #bananahammer was a success. Elephant Toothpaste is an easy and fun way to show the importance of enzymes and catalysts. And as always it was a blast!

Thank you to Rupinder for organizing and setting up and to Emily, Julia, Freddy, Redding and Alex for helping out!


February 1 - Wine Tasting

We had another successful social event! Wine tasting at Wine+market . Thank you for having us and Thank you to Maddie for organizing this fun event!


January 16 - Trivia Night

The AAPS Trivia last night was a success! Thanks to Campus Pub and Local Trivia Action and everyone who showed up and participated!